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The goal of the book is to give you the tools you need to overcome the Impostor Syndrome and your inner fears and doubts.

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About the author

I'm Karin T Wood, and I spent my entire life until the early thirties in the claws of the not-good-enough monster.

When I learnt about the Impostor Syndrome – inner stories in our heads that aren't true but dictate our behaviour – my mind was blown.

But it also made me heartbroken.

Because these stories had stopped me from realising my dreams.

Thinking I wasn't good enough yet, I had self-selected out of many opportunities. I only found out many years later that people had thought me more than qualified. But by then it was too late.

It's hard enough to want something and accept you can't have it due to external circumstances.

Realising that it was within reach after all but the only reason you didn't get it was you stopping yourself is next level hurt.

I embarked on a journey of understanding and mitigating these self-sabotaging thought habits. I am no longer crippled by the Impostor Syndrome, but it took some deep inner work to get here.

Today I am commited to helping other people avoid the same mistake I made.

Since 2017, I have worked on raising awareness about the Impostor Syndrome through public speaking. I've read numerous books on the subject as well as delved into scientific research. I've studied mental training, positive psychology, and the subconscious mind.

In 2023, I won the major award at a conference for my talk on Impostor Syndrome.

But speaking in front of groups is limited to the size of the room. I want as many people as possible to be equipped and prepared to deal with their inner critics. That's why I'm distilling my years of learning into a book.

But I don't want this to be a merely inspirational book.

I don't want this to be any old "you can do it!"-book that you toss in a drawer after reading but nothing really changed.

I want it to be a useful book.

I want you to get actual tools and strategies you can use in your day to day life.

And this is where you come in.

I need help to make this the best book it can ever be, with feedback in order to know if what I'm writing works for you.

In return for helping the book come to life, you get to read it before everyone else and learn about these tools without having to buy anything.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Two flavours of doubters: the beginner and the impostor
    • The beginner: you want to start something new, but stop or limit yourself because you feel like a fraud
    • The impostor: other people refer to you as successful, but you don't feel like it and fear the day everyone will find out they're wrong
    • The origin story of the psychological phenomenon called Impostor Syndrome
  • Chapter 2: What happens when you let the voices of doubt dictate your life
  • Chapter 3: Both situations require shifting your identity
    • The core is a mismatch between your current self-image, and the image you think other people have of you or what you would like to have.
  • Chapter 4: Six ingredients for inner change - the ARISEN framework
    • Awareness
    • Remembrance
    • Inner Stories
    • Self-care
    • Expectations
    • Nervous System Management
  • Chapter 5: How to elicit change with these ingredients
  • Chapter 6: You can intentionally change your self-image, but it's not a set-and-forget one time thing
    • Don’t die with the music still inside you

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Impostor Book

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